Scrapers and hackers are the most persistent threats to your website, content, and reputation. They’re out there, day and night, looking for weak spots to exploit for their own gain. It’s their entire purpose: to get what they can from your site (or your client’s site). To them, every site is fair game. Unfortunately, as a result, these opportunistic scammers are not just targeting small businesses. If you’re a normal person with a blog, business, or website that’s a prize to these outsiders, they’ll likely try to get a piece of the action. Thankfully, there are plenty of things you can do to combat scrapers and hackers whether they’re trying to get in, get out, or do both.

Here are 10 ways you can crush scraper and hacker attacks with Wordfence in 2022.

Install Wordfence

Wordfence is a powerful WordPress security plugin that offers robust and comprehensive protection against malicious threats like Scrapers & Hackers. It also includes features for monitoring, alerting, and reporting on suspicious activity related to your site. Wordfence’s spam protection allows you to prevent spammers from filling up your comment form with garbage content.

Create an Intruder-Proof WordPress Security Plugin

Wordfence is a must-have security plugin for WordPress sites.

  • It has a lot of tools to help you keep hackers out of your site, including ✔
  • Scans for and blocks malicious scripts, bots, and more ✔
  • Detects vulnerabilities in your website and helps you fix them immediately ✔
  • Gives you the ability to block repeated access attempts by IP addresses ✔

Let’s customize login and password settings with Wordfence’s built-in options If you’re not already using Wordfence on your site, give it a try! With so many useful features and zero monthly cost, it’s hard to imagine how your website could be safe without it.

Use a Complimentary Plugin to Add Security

A common way to help prevent scrapers, hackers, and other unwanted visitors from getting into your site is to use a complimentary plugin like Wordfence. This plugin is specifically designed to help protect your website, content, and reputation. It provides several features that can enable you to better detect and stop any unwanted visitors that try to get in.

These features include:

  • Cloudflare IP
  • Whitelisting/Blacklisting
  • OAuth Authorization

Responsive design for mobile devices It also has a powerful firewall that’ll block any attempt by hackers or scrapers from attacking your website or content. As a result, it will keep your site protected at all times with as little effort on your part as possible.

Use Wordfence’s built-in features

Wordfence is software that you can install in WordPress to help prevent Scrapers & Hackers from causing problems. Wordfence has many built-in features including the following.

  • Detects remote code attacks
  • Detects brute-force attacks
  • Monitors changes made by hacking
  • Monitors all login attempts from known bad IP addresses, as well as IP addresses that are not on your whitelist
  • Scans for malicious requests made to your site from external sources (such as search engines) to protect against malware and spyware infections
  • Uses machine learning to identify scrapers, hackers, or bots and block them before they cause any damage

Add the Ultimate Scraping Protection

If you’ve worked on your website or blog for any amount of time, you know that the one thing you do is constantly update it and make it better. You don’t want to be caught off guard when a scraper finds a way to exploit your content though. To avoid this, add Wordfence’s Ultimate Scraping Protection module to your website. This will provide the ultimate protection against scrapers and hackers because these methods won’t work on your site.

Always Use HTTPS

The first thing you can do is make sure that your entire website (or content) is delivered over HTTPS. If you’re not sure how to do this, search for “HTTPS secure web delivery” and you’ll find plenty of helpful tips online. The benefits of this change are substantial: not only does it protect the people visiting your site, but it also helps to keep scrapers and hackers out. If you’re using Wordfence’s security features, these changes will be automatically set up for your site.

Create An Automated Fraud Alert

As wordfence points out, one of the best ways to combat scraper and hacker attacks is to create an automated fraud alert. This will make it easier for you to identify any unusual activity on your site—and take appropriate action. You can set up a range of different fraud alerts with Wordfence, including ones that cover specific pages or posts, or ones that include IP addresses and other data.

Always Use An SSL Certificate

The first and most important thing you can do to protect your site from hackers is to use an SSL certificate. When your site has an SSL certificate, the data that travels between your site and the visitor’s browser is encrypted so that no one can see what’s going on. This makes it impossible for anyone to view, intercept, or steal any information about who people are visiting your website. With an SSL certificate in place, you can rest easy knowing that a hacker or scraper will have a tough time stealing your identity or looking at your browsing history. There are plenty of reasons why SSL certificates are important: they ensure a safe and secure experience for visitors who have sensitive information on the website; they make sure that the website is not vulnerable to hacking; they make it more difficult for hackers to capture login credentials (or use stolen ones); etc.

Track Down Who’s Hacking Your Site

Wordfence is a plugin that helps protect your site & offers plenty of options for monitoring and blocking scraper and hacker threats. When it comes to protecting your site from these unwanted visitors, Wordfence has its own unique set of features. Wordfence can track down who’s trying to access your site, detect when someone is trying to hack in or identify the source of the problem. It also has other protective measures like blocking IP addresses, sending email alerts when someone tries to hack in or make a change to your website, or even blocking people from downloading files. In short: you can take control of your website’s security by using Wordfence.

Add Scraper Protection To Your DNS

When you use a scraper protection plugin, your site will still load as normal but the scraper will see a blank page. This way, they’ll see that there’s nothing worth their time when they try to gain access to your website.


Wordfence is a great security plugin that will protect your site against malicious hackers and scrapers. It is easy to install and learn, and it has a number of helpful features to help you better secure your site. Wordfence protects against scrapers, hackers, and malware using a number of different methods. The plugin also has a number of useful features to make your site more secure, such as blocking outbound links without the need for plugins. You are in good hands with Wordfence!


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