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At Sky SEO, we are the pioneers of digital media and marketing revolution. We deliver media and we are the experienced and professional website design, website development, as well as marketing company based in Auckland.

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We Provide Best Website Design
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Responsive Websites

We deliver responsive websites, that will adapt to any kind of screen sizes. We very well know how people stay connected through their devices thus ensuring that your website stays very responsive.

Custom Websites

Our Auckland based web design agency knows that every website has got unique design requirements. We will design a website that matches your goals & brand guidelines.

SEO Friendly Websites

We build our SEO knowledge on your website, by setting you for the successful SEO plan post-launch and delivers good presence on SERP.

eCommerce Websites

From Wordpress to the advanced eCommerce CMS networks, we are CMS implementation experts & will setup your website in the right direction.

Your Leading
Web Design Agency

As an Award-Wining Web Design Auckland based agency, we have access to highly valuable ingredients for effective web design and SEO marketing. Our website designers in Auckland puts in the exhaustive efforts for building your internet presence of the brand so it gets very easily noticeable among the target audience.





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Web Design and Development Auckland – Things You Need to Know

Are you looking for the trust website design service in Auckland? Do you want to build a unique and powerful design to represent your online business and services offered? Noting to worry! You are at the right place. At Sky SEO, we offer all types of website design and development services and assure you to deliver the positive results that you are looking for. Do not wait long and get connected now. Hiring the best and reputed web design and development company in Auckland, one thing is sure it will help your customers to get complete information about your organization and helps to improve your business in the long run. Being the best in town, we work for our clients right from day one and make sure all their needs are rightly taken care n terms of web design, development, and other services.

We aim to offer the best website design and development service to our clients with an ideal balance of features and design. When you choose our website design solution, one thing is sure that your brand will stay on the top within no time! As a professional web developers Auckland company, we can totally ensure your company brand and services will get noticed.

Affordable Website Design Auckland Wide

If you select any web developers’ in Auckland, do not expect immediate results, as building your online reputation takes time, so you need to have a little patience and wait for the positive results. We are in this field for a very long time and have come a long way to becoming one of the most reputed and honest web designing companies. Looking at some of the important facts, we came a long way in becoming the top company in Auckland and surrounding areas:

  • We have got all the expertise needed in building web designing
  • Must have total transparency in services offered
  • The project needs to be delivered at the right time
  • Must provide the best customer support whenever required
  • It helps in improving your ROI
  • Customer responses must be prompt and offer timely help
  • Instantly improves business branding
  • Must adhere to the online standards
  • Helps in improving your online ranking

Looking At Our WordPress Developers in Auckland

We are a professional company working as a website developer for many years. If you want to get connected to the trustworthy and professional WordPress developer agency, make sure you get access to the effective marketing and other services that are offered. It is very important that you go through the list of services and offers by visiting our company website and understanding more about the services offered. The professional web design & website designer services will include the following:

Custom web design

All our web design agencies Auckland know every website has got unique design requirements. We will design a website that matches your goals & brand guidelines.

Website wireframe planning and creation

We start every website design project just by creating the architecture for the website through the wireframe design procedure. You will work with the creative digital team to make sure we have thought over all the website elements required for success.

Your Competitor research

Knowing your competition is one important part to beat them on the internet. We will help you to understand what is working out for them as well as create a strong plan for performing much better than they actually are.

Front-end HTML and CSS development

Not just we will take you through the most creative affordable website design Auckland process, however, we have an in-house and front-end web development team that will code your HTML, Javascript, and CSS, bringing the website to life over all the devices.

Back-end development

No matter whether you want totally custom functionality, CMS implementation, or data imports the back-end web development team & programmers are all set for any new challenge. The major plus? They’re in-house.

SEO friendly design coding

Sky SEO is an expert web design company and we build our SEO knowledge on our website, by setting you for the successful SEO plan post-launch.

Content strategy & planning

We have our content team who is ready in developing the content plan as well as help you to implement the right strategy. No matter whether you want us for planning and writing content, we are highly focused on the content, which drives our results and sales.

CMS installation & setup

From WordPress to the advanced eCommerce CMS networks, we are CMS implementation experts & will guide the business in the right direction.

Website Development Costing 

Obviously, what you would like to know is how much you must pay for the website? In place of focusing on what you will be paying for a new website, we suggest focusing on how the website will help the business to grow. Make sure you check out with the web development company and see in case they will show you the positive results. In order, to know that websites that they build are highly effective, you need to ask how companies build the website to market the website. You need to ask for websites that they have developed, which have high search rankings. Suppose the website has very high search rankings for the keywords relevant to the business, it is likely they are getting customers & clients through their site.

How Website Design Impacts Customer Experience

Humans are visual beings. It is all evident in the marketing industry. The customers are just interested in the things whenever something catches to their attention & is highly convenient for use. Thus, when you have the business site, the layout of the same and overall web design becomes very important – factors, which help your website to get good visitors. It is where the professional website design companies come into the picture.

We’re always attracted by the stunning designs. Even one simple website, with the attractive design and simple navigation, will get you, good visitors. More people who visit the website, more the chances are of them investing in your products or services.

Here are some ways where website design impacts the customer experience as well as how the minor design tweaks will help the brand to grow:

Appearance of Site

Whenever you open any website, you like it or you will dislike it. For the people to stay some minutes on your website or go through the same, you need to make it look very attractive. The good & simple website eases navigation or shows us the importance of web designing. The website has to be very responsive, that it will adapt to any kind of screen size of your device. Best website design companies know how people stay well connected through their devices thus ensuring that your website stays very responsive.

At times some professional web site development firms put in use the artistic fonts, which look very good, and are tough to read. To connect & engage with the clients and customers you should ensure your site has simple to read fonts. There is not any secret that the customers and website visitors will be attracted to the graphics. Thus, by using the most attractive visual graphics, website designing companies will grab the viewer’s interest. GIFs and videos are the most effective way to get the message across. But, must be used very sparingly, since it might increase the website’s overall loading time


There’re many websites on the internet, however, not all of them are trustworthy. Thus, it is very important for the website to look very professional & trustworthy. This will ensure that the visitors on the website feel very good at connecting with the brand. The web designing companies put up the staff pictures in the gallery section of a site to get trust. Putting the testimonial section or portfolio section with the mention of the past projects works.

Keeping Things Very Simple

Try and keep your site very simple. People don’t have though time to go through the complex things, and thus keeping website elements as well as navigation simple, helps. The professional web design company Auckland makes use of drop and down menus and hover messages that will guide the users through the website. Putting up suggestions or forms is the best way you connect with the customers and it will help in you many ways.

Loading Time

People have a small attention span. They would never access the website in case it takes very long to load and respond. Google also takes note of the website load times when ranking the sites. The light & simple to load website will rank much higher on the search engines, thus, the best website designing companies optimize the images as well as multimedia to make websites search engine friendly. No need to clutter the website with any unnecessary elements. Keep your background clean & look for the ways you can heighten the interaction with the people. People want human assistance and thus, a quick contact link will go a very long way to help brands to send out the positive vibe.

Let us check out the services that we offer when it comes about website design and development

Being the professional Web Design Company in Auckland, we believe in providing visually attractive, highly functional, innovative, quick loading, and proficient web solutions on the given timeline.

Digital Marketing

If you are searching for your potential customer, then it is very important to get in touch with our digital marketing experts. They will instantly help you out in finding the best marketing program that will get you the right users that you are targeting.

SEO Solutions

You must be aware of the fact that 70% of the website traffic comes from popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. At Sky SEO, we will make sure your website is well optimized as well as helps in getting higher traffic in the long run.

Get Proper Support

Website designing and uploading isn’t the only thing that has to be done. If you are looking for better results, it is important that you maintain it very well. We have our dedicated support team who will help you out in supporting your website in times of need.

WordPress Development

Sky SEO is a top WordPress Development firm located in Auckland and we provide services in surrounding areas. We have our professional team who is well specialized in the theme, plugin, and eCommerce development.

ECommerce Websites

Why do you want your business to come online? You must be aware of the significance of the internet presence and help in setting up the store online for the business.

How our Website Designers and Developers Will Prove Helpful to You?

SKY SEO web designs are the most appealing and creative website solutions for all our clients. We have our specialization in custom web design, development and blog design, start-up website design, E-learning and E-commerce, responsive design, hosting, migration, as well as WordPress maintenance and we, include everything that is important for your website to rank higher in the search results.

We are completely aware of the fact that the successful website is always centered on the usability and aesthetics of a website. So, it is very important that you pay attention to the good website design and make sure it is attractive to the visitors, load fast as well as searchable. With years of experience in the field, our web design service is quite innovative, successful, and beautiful. Thus, make sure you get all the details about our services by visiting our website.

Check out our website to get more details about the type of work and service we offer. For more details, contact us today.

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