7 Important Elements for Your Website Design

Quality and Responsive Website Design – the Key Component of Online Success

In working with several clients over the past few years, I had the opportunity of seeing how any small changes to the website will mean huge results, or what type of design elements or content fall flat. Every website that we have worked on is very unique, however, successful ones normally follow the winning formula.

Website Must Be Visually Pleasing

Yes, it is the number one point! We’re living in the visual world thus website that appears good is very important. just one click is what takes for the potential users to go away from your website, thus engaging the users instantly is very important with the help of web design services.

  • Use White Space – Do not fill up the entire website with images and text. The cluttered website will be confusing as well as makes work for the user since they may need to sift through the information to get over what they want. Never be afraid to consider the white space as an element on the website. Very much like the kitchen counter, many people enjoy the clean page, it can draw in & they have to stay there.
  • Images & Graphics – What when I told you to get the best quality and original photos without even hiring a professional photographer? With technology accessible at the fingertips, you may start taking your website photos. If you are keen to invest more in the website or brand, you will leave this to professionals!
  • Homepage – You do not need to spend so much on the photos, but they must be the best quality. The same goes for many other kinds of images. Hiring a designer is highly recommended. The experienced web designer may know what images or text can work together or draw the people in, instead of turning it away. Search engines may read alt attributes or might consider them while determining the relevancy of a page to keywords the searcher queries. It’s probably used for ranking image-based engines such as Google Images.

Homepage With Clear Message

When the visitors visit the website, (brought to the landing page) they will land on your homepage. It is your chance of telling them what you wish them to know – do not waste this opportunity! Answer the questions like Who are you and what you do? What value or benefit do you offer? Suppose you’re counting on the people looking through the website for such information, then you will lose down the customers. This takes only 0.05 seconds for a person to look on your homepage as well as choose to leave. This means you have some milliseconds to grab the attention and tell them more about you, or why they must take a look at your business. For a few companies it is using content in a blog that does this for them and having the Case Studies on the clients that tells about the story on how you helped some target markets with the challenges, and before & after photos in the photo gallery, and photos of the product that is in use will be the right ways you will show off the work in the most captivating way possible. And, depending on the particular brand’s target, that will be the best thing that induces association and loyalty.

Would you like your site to generate good sales for the business? Or are you in a process of getting the website redesigned or want to make this best it will possibly be? At website design Auckland, we have got extensive experience in building websites, which increases website sales. So, here are the top seven design tips that you must ensure gets included on your website.


  1. Value Proposition

There’s a website design that will deliver if the value proposition that you offer to the customers isn’t compelling for them in making the purchase. Thus, the first step for increasing the sales on the website is deciding what value proposition is. The next step will be properly communicating this to your site’s visitors. No matter what it is, the important thing is website visitor knows it as well as is been attracted to it.


  1. Include the Most Compelling CTAs

The CTA or call-to-action is the important element that you may have on pages of the website. The first step will be ensuring that your website has got CTAs since not all of them do. The next step will be looking at position, design, as well as the wording of CTA. So, here are a few questions you must ask:

  • Would a change of color ever make the CTA button stand out on the page more?
  • Could the text be interesting and positive?
  • Is CTA is a prominent enough position?
  1. Add Videos on Your Website

Videos on the websites improve sales. Actually, for a few businesses, videos will increase sales by more than 140 percent. You must, therefore, think of adding videos to your website. This can be the product videos that demonstrate the benefits of a product and showing this being used. Suppose your business provides services, you may use the videos to explain the service or how it is very different from the competitors.


  1. Establish credibility

When somebody stumbles over the business online, they are seeking proper proof you’re credible. You need to establish trust with a customer just by including the testimonials from your happy customers (that includes pictures and logos), accreditation, satisfaction guarantees and FAQs, and more. Have a close look at the blog as an example, and imagine what you can do with yours! We also offer web development solutions, where we will write the blog posts!


  1. Make this engaging

When you have done all the hard work to funnel the visitors to your site, it will be a shame to watch your users walk away. You need to make the website very engaging with the fresh and relevant content or captivating images that will keep people clicking at as well as funneling it through the sale direction for taking the right action.


  1. Use right practice web design

Never stand out from the crowd for the wrong reasons! Generally, people have a distinct pattern in the way that they read the websites, like the standard of expectations. You can place the most important call on the action at the top hand of your page, and navigation at the top, CTA down the side, as well as within a copy as well as a final reminder at a bottom of the page. Suppose you deviate from the style, then there is the chance you will lose the visitors because of confusion.


  1. Ensure Your Site is Simple to Use

The Navigation & structure of the website must be intuitive and simple. Thus, do not place any unnecessary restrictions over visitors with relation to the navigation as well as avoid any situations where a visitor lands on the dead-end page.


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