Search engines are constantly tracking and amassing data about the websites they’re analyzing. These data points are used to build up a more complete understanding of the websites they’re scanning. However, the data they collect is always limited. Although the human eye can easily comprehend around a million words per minute, search engines are constantly looking for websites that are more efficient in delivering relevant and accurate results. They want websites that present information in a way that’s understood by a human and not a search engine. This means that in order to rank high in search, your website needs to demonstrate how it presents information in a way that another website cannot. This is where the concept of word count comes in. Word count is the number of words that appear on a website. It is not the actual number of words that are on the website. If the number of words on your website is not accurately reflected on your website, it can affect your search rankings.

Let’s take a look at why word count is so important for SEO in 2022

What is Word Count?

Word count is the total number of words that appear on a website – including redirects, footers, anchor text, and other internal components. This number is usually displayed prominently on search engine results pages (SERPs). It can also be found on your About Us page and other content pages.

How to Set a Good Word Count for Your Website

When setting a word count for your website, keep in mind that most search engines only consider the words that appear on the page. This means that the number of words that appear on your website may be different from the number of words that show up in an algorithmically-generated list of top-ranking results. Depending on the nature of your content, a lower number of words may show up higher in search results. On the other hand, a higher number of words may result in better-ranking results. Word count is very important in SEO, as it affects the way that websites are ranked. Although a high-quality blog may have thousands of words, it is unlikely that any one of them will be counted as more than a few words on a page.

Why is word count important? Here are a few examples of how word count can help you rank higher in search.

Word count is very important in SEO

When it comes to ranking well in search, a few things are as important as having the right words on your website. The more specific a website is about its topic, the less likely it will appear in a search result. The only real exception to this rule is if the topic is extremely broad. Even then, you’ll likely want to take some artistic license. In this case, you can use the general term “Christmas” to get your website to the next level. Word count is also very important when it comes to linking to your website from other sites.

The Effect of Fewer Words on a Website

The number of words that appear on a website has a direct bearing on how it ranks in search. A website with 10,000 words of content may rank as high as one with 50 words. The reason that this happens is that when people land on a page that lists results for “Christmas,” they are primarily looking for information about Christmas, not the history of Christmas. The same can be said for the homepage of a website, which is where most people first land when they go to that page on Google.

How to Add More Words to Your Writing Style

Despite the fact that search engines are constantly tracking and monitoring your website, it’s perfectly normal for your writing style to change over time as you learn new techniques and improve as a writer. It’s also possible for you to accidentally overstate your word count when you’re writing content. For example, you might use a specific word count when writing about Us page or other content pages, but not realize it when you’re writing your blog. This is a common mistake. When you accidentally exceed your word count, you can either shorten your blog or increase your word count. The choice is yours.

How to increase your Word Count

The more information your website presents to readers, the better chance they have of understanding it. If the information is too general or if it presents in a way that’s not easily understood, readers will simply click away. This could result in lost sales and a lower overall ROI for your efforts. To improve your word count, you should consider expanding your content. This could mean adding more features or content types. For example, if your website’s content is mainly images, you could try adding videos or additional blog posts.

How to decrease your Word Count

If your website’s content is too detailed, it could become a problem for search engines. They might have a hard time interpreting your content and getting it to the right page. This can result in bad user experiences and lost sales for you. To keep your word count low, you should try to avoid being too specific. Your website’s main keywords should convey the general theme of your site. For example, if your main keyword is cars, you should avoid being too specific regarding the make and model of your car.

Bottom line

Word count is very important in SEO. It determines how much visibility your website receives and affects your ranking in search results. While it’s important to be accurate when calculating your word count, it’s even more important to be accurate when writing content. By following these steps, you can add more words to your blog and increase its SEO value.


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