What is Yelp SEO?

Businesses have a huge opportunity to leverage Yelp to find new customers and increase visibility. Yelp is an online platform for local business search, reviews and social networking.

Yelp serves as a great resource for consumers who want to learn more information about your business or potential businesses in their area.

There are many benefits of Yelp including:

– Yelp helps drive leads with the highest quality leads from Yelp being 14 times higher than the average website according to Brightlocal.

– Yelp is becoming one of the most important platforms on which people research businesses; nearly 7 out of 10 (68%) consumers now read online reviews first before making a purchase decision according to Nielsen Ratings

– Yelp is frequently visited on mobile devices; on average 21 million unique mobile visitors went to Yelp via a mobile browser in Q1 2013

– Yelp can help generate new business leads for your business with Yelp Deal and Yelp Platform. By creating Yelp Deal, businesses have the ability to offer special deals to Yelp users who are actively looking for discounts on Yelp while Yelp Platform allows you to post offers and event listings directly to Yelp.

Yelp is also one of the sites that appear high in Google search results due to their rich snippets (schema markup) which is recognized by Google as authoritative enough that it will show up higher in the SERP’s.


If you want more traffic from Yelp, there are certain strategies that you can implement:

– Take full advantage of Yelp Deals and Yelp Platform

– Build Yelp reviews

– Yelp advertising

– Yelp SEO

I. Yelp Deals and Yelp Platform

Yelp deals are offered to Yelp users who are looking for discounts on Yelp while Yelp platform allows you to post offers and event listings directly onto your Yelp business page. In order to create a deal, go to the “offer” section on your Yelp dashboard or from your mobile device click here. You can set up a daily discount, weekend only promotion or make it available for specific times of the day. To increase conversion rates try offering a free service with an upgrade option such as a 50% off cleaning service after a first time carpet clean.

The initial offer will be free until you decide that you want to start charging for it. Yelp Deals can be a very powerful way of generating new business leads and Yelp platform is a great place to post special offers.

II. Yelp Review

Yelp is a social platform meant for people to share their opinions, so getting Yelp reviews from your customers can help increase your Yelp presence and visibility throughout the site. In order to get Yelp reviews, think about ways in which you can create opportunities for customers to leave Yelp reviews such as sending out email invitations or having them login if they have an account on the Yelp mobile app.

III. Yelp Advertising

Another strategy that you can implement is advertising with Yelp! There are many different types of ads that you can advertise including: Yelp Deals, Yelp Platform, Yelp Events and Yelp Sponsored Listings. Yelp ads are shown on Yelp’s search results pages including the Map View for logged in users who have provided their location which makes it easier to serve targeted ads.

Yelp advertising can be both effective and affordable; Yelp claims that advertisers get an average of $9 in revenue for every $1 they spend on Yelp!

IV. Yelp SEO

If you want your business to rank high in Yelp then you need to implement some basic Yelp SEO strategies which will help get more visibility within Yahoo! Local Search Results. There are several factors that contribute to ranking highly on local search engines such as Yahoo!, Google Local and Bing for Business.

– Yelp Business Page

– Yelp reviews

– Yelp citations (name, address and phone)

– Yelp category

– Yelp attributes

Yelp Business Page: Having a Yelp business page will increase your visibility within local search engines such as Yelp and Google Local. Your Yelp business page is like a virtual storefront which can be optimized to rank high in Yelp and Google through SEO techniques.

Yelp reviews: The number of reviews that you have on Yelp affects your place page ranking; the higher the number of positive reviews that you have then the more visible you are on Yelp. To gain more Yelp reviews log into your account on Yelp or download their mobile app to your iPhone or Android device.

Yelp citations: Yelp makes it easy to create citations that help with your Yelp SEO strategy. Yelp provides a free business listing service which allows you to add your name, address and phone number in Yelp.

Yelp category: Yelp makes it easy for you to choose the search categories that suit your business best by allowing you to choose from a list of over one hundred primary categories or enter an alternate category.

Yelp attributes: Yelp allows you to attribute certain updates on your Yelp page such as tagged photos, check-ins and tips about the business that customers have left before. These are important factors when Google is deciding where to place your Yelp page within their local SERP’s so make sure these are filled out completely before you submit your Yelp business page.

Yelp SEO may seem a bit overwhelming to other businesses, but Yelp has made it easy for you to optimize your Yelp presence through Yelp Deals and Yelp Platform as well as creating Yelp reviews which will help you rank high on local search engines such as Yelp and Google Local. As Yelp is a social platform many customers will leave positive reviews about the service that they received from your business which can be attributed to your physical storefront using Yelp attributions. The more Yelp reviews that you have then the higher you will be ranked within local search engines such as Yelp and Google Local Search Engines. Implement these simple strategies to help with your campaign at little or no cost!


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