Template vs Custom Website Design

I am often asked one question, “Why do I opt for a custom WordPress website when other companies will provide SquareSpace website for very little money?” I must lead the company to the right solution that fits their requirements, even if the solution is not the custom website designed. If I do not lead them at the right solution, I’m putting the long term relationship at high risk.

Custom Web Design

Benefits of the Custom Web Design

One of the biggest benefits of getting the custom website design is it can make your site stand out from your crowd as well as give you the most competitive edge over the competitors that is quite important in saturated web environments today. The custom websites are very search engine friendly compared to website templates thus they generally tend to rank much higher on the search engine.

Not just does the custom site adapt to your business requirements in a better way but gives you room to incorporate the company’s branding in it. There’s the scalability with the custom websites & they grow when your business grows. Furthermore, the additional advantage of the content management system makes it simple for your business to keep the website updated with the help of website design.

Disadvantages of the Custom Web Design

The custom website design can put a higher dent in your pocket than the website template thus you may need to pay a little more for getting the custom website design. Secondly, this takes a bit longer to create custom web design when compared to other web site templates. Because of the complex & time-consuming procedure of the custom website design, there’re chances your website project can be subject to delays. Now, let’s look at website templates & the pros & cons that are attached to it…

Website Templates

Benefits of the Website Templates

Not like the custom made website, the website template has a shorter development cycle. One more benefit of using the website template is it costs very less thus if you have a low budget, still you can get the site template. You don’t have to be the coding whiz for designing the website anymore, all thanks to the website templates. Even a person who doesn’t know CSS and HTML will create the website template.

Disadvantages of the Website Templates

With the website templates being available easily on the internet, there’re chances your competitors or other businesses are using the similar website template, which you are using. Because of this, your site can be lost in cyberspace as well as look like a rip-off. The website templates aren’t made with the search engines thus they linger at a bottom of your search rankings. Poor support & browser compatibility is one major issue that is associated with website templates. So, whenever you buy the website template, you cannot customize this as per your requirements. Fitting the web elements like videos, images, as well as texts is quite a challenge with the website templates, and web design is one best help for you.

Happy website building!

Selecting the right solution for your firm will be based on many items with a budget, time, as well as value generally being the highest on the list. You must evaluate the benefits and drawbacks and choose what is good for your online business, no matter whether it’s the custom site from a reputable company, the WordPress.org custom template from a reliable company, or just the DIY template from WordPress.com, Squarespace, or Wix. It is your choice.


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