In SEO, you help your users to discover your business website in the most organic way. In order to win the SEO battle in 2022, you need to provide useful and relevant content to your users, and of course avoid the top SEO mistakes of 2022.

Here are some SEO mistakes that you should avoid in 2022:

1) Not using H1 tags

H1 tags should be used for every web page because it is seen as a title of the webpage by search engines. It has more than 70 characters (it would include spaces). The first few words or even words should be among this number (of the first 70 characters). Make sure to make use of at least one H2 tag if not two, which will act like an important subheading. There are pages where SEO specialists have made use of 3 H2 tags to divide the page into three parts.

2) Using empty alt tag for images on web pages

Image SEO is very important because it has an impact on SEO results since search engines use them as a source of information about your website content. The best way to optimize image SEO is through the image alt tag, which should not be empty. When you provide useful and relevant keywords that users look for when looking at images online, then this will help you rank higher in search engine results page (SERP). This means that if you do SEO correctly, your SEO can work even harder than usual and obtain better rankings in the SERP and the chances of increasing visits to your website will increase.

3) Not Updating Old Techniques

Making use of SEO tactics that no longer work well in 2022 like making backlinks from unknown sites, make SEO comparisons and SEO tools/SEO courses reviews which can be full of SEO mistakes such as link schemes, keyword stuffing and spamming.

4) Not updating content posted on social media networks regularly

Studies have shown that not all users are active on social media networks every day but rather visit the site only when necessary. This is one of the SEO mistakes to avoid in 2022 because you need to improve user experience on your website so they will want to visit it more often. Keep in mind that some websites are visited by their customers on a daily basis while others are less frequently, so you need to take that into consideration when planning SEO strategies.


5) Ignoring SEO analytics reports and not using SEO tools to track SEO errors

It is easy to make SEO mistakes, especially since it requires a lot of knowledge and skills if you want to do a good job. That’s why all SEO specialists use SEO tools such as Moz, Ahrefs or SEMRush. These tools have been designed by SEO professionals in order to speed up the process of finding SEO problems on your website so you can correct them before they start having an impact on your page rankings. In addition, these analytic programs help monitor changes that search engine algorithms bring about from time to time because they may change the SEO techniques needed for high-quality results in SEO.

6) Not using SEO-friendly URLs

As SEO professionals, we know that SEO results are affected by the SEO performance of individual web pages or even entire websites. Because of this, SEO professionals always try to find ways to improve SEO performance for every page on their website so each has its own SEO strategy. One example would be creating SEO-friendly URLs which contain relevant keywords while keeping it short and simple (KISS). Another mistake is not inserting any type of relevant keyword in your URL because search engines tend to avoid them if they are not used correctly or are too generic. This would cause you to lose rankings in 2022 despite putting in a lot of effort into other SEO strategies since users rarely click “irrelevant” pages in SERPs.

7) No SEO blogging strategy

Blogging is another SEO factor to consider in 2022 because it helps with SEO results, which means you need to create detailed SEO blog posts that are optimized for your target keywords and contain relevant information related to your industry. There is no point in creating SEO blog posts just for the sake of increasing traffic to your website since this will not bring SEO results you want – instead, SEO specialists would call this “blackhat SEO” which can lead search engines to penalize your site.

8) Not making use of local SEO strategies even if most of your users are from one city or town

It’s important to remember that Google uses different methods depending on where the user conducts his or her search engine query. For example, Google UK uses SEO techniques that are different from those used by Google Sri Lanka. SEO professionals need to consider this to bring SEO results tailored for each country because if you use SEO tactics specific to one country, it will not work well in another part of the world.

9) Not having an SEO testing strategy or not making use of SEO testing tools

It’s important to be updated with you SEO tools. And check your website regularly with testing tools. It helps you to remove errors and maintain your website up-to-date.

10) Ignoring mobile SEO

SEO is closely related with mobile sites since their audiences are using smartphones and tablets more than ever. Mobile users tend to interact differently with websites than desktop users do – usually, they want faster loading speed, easy-to- content and quick access to important SEO information. SEO professionals need to make use of SEO tools and SEO testing strategies to check their mobile SEO errors and correct them as soon as possible before they lose more rankings and traffic.

One should avoid these mistakes to get maximum results!


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