How Brand Awareness can Boost our Sales?

Brand awareness is the single most important thing you will do to increase sales online. Brand awareness is the term used when your audience knows about your brand and may be familiar with it, whether they’ve purchased from you already or not. Brand awareness makes people more confident in buying from you since they are confident that they know what your business is all about.

To increase your sales online, it is essential that you establish Brand Awareness. Brand awareness means making sure consumers are aware of your brand and encouraging them to make repeat purchases with you. Building up brand awareness can take a lot of time, but it is definitely worthwhile. Brand awareness has the ability to increase the value of products, potentially turn free customers into paying ones, and boost your bottom line.

To start building brand awareness, create a monthly plan that includes activities you will be doing for the next 30 days. This way you can set goals and stick to them rather than creating goals every day or week and then keeping track of them in spreadsheets. Once you have created your plan it’s time to get creative! Brand Awareness is all about interacting with consumers on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn where most people hang out online these days. Brand Awareness is not just about advertising: most successful brands find ways to make their voice heard in interesting ways.

Here are some tips to help you build Brand Awareness:

1) Put Your Brand Name in Every Press Release You Publish

Doing this can increase brand promotion by simply sharing your company’s name. Of course, the media you’re sending it to has to be relevant for Brand Awareness purposes. For example, if you sell yoga apparel don’t send press releases about new product lines to the Wall Street Journal or People magazine. On the other hand, if you sell affordable toys for babies and toddlers, don’t send them to industry trade publications like “Women’s Wear Daily.”

What networks of journalists should you target? Which ones will have most impact? This is something that really depends on your product and your Brand Awareness goals. If you’re a global company, then think about targeting journalists who write for publications that have readers all around the world. If you sell baby products, think about targeting parenting magazines.

2) Run a Monthly Contest on Your Website

Doing this can increase Brand Awareness by attracting more users to your website and engaging them with interactive content. You should run these contests monthly to keep things fresh and attract new participants each month. You might start out enticing people with a prize or even just an honor as “the 1st place winner.” Then as Brand Awareness increases, try building up the value of the prizes over time so that they become bigger and better as Brand Awareness becomes bigger and better!


3) Always Encourage Brand Advocates to Share Brand Messages

Doing this can increase Brand Awareness by helping your Brand Advocates spread the good word about your company on their social networks. Always be sure to give Brand Advocates a compelling reason to do so. For example, you might give them some sort of reward for sharing your brand messages on Facebook, Twitter or any other social platform they are active on. If you use online contests have them share their entries on Facebook or Twitter as well as with email updates to members of their network who may be interested in participating as well.

4) Give Your Brand a Unique Identity

Doing this can increase Brand Awareness by building an identity that is all your own. The easiest way to do this is through the images you use on your website, social media sites and Brand Advocates. Your Brand Image is very important – the colors you choose should be unique to your Brand so that it’s easy for Brand Advocates to spot who they support online. Another key component of Brand Image is the logo itself. The juxtaposition of simplicity with recognition is crucial when it comes to creating a strong Brand Image.

5) Outline Specific Goals with your Branding Strategy

Doing this can increase Brand Awareness by following an actual strategy rather than just jumping into activities or throwing everything against the wall to see what sticks! Create goals that are SMART – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-bound. For example, “I want our Brand Advocates to increase Brand Awareness by 10%” is not a good Branding Strategy. You can’t measure it and your Brand Advocates won’t know what they need to do in order for you to achieve the goal. By contrast, “I want our Brand Advocates worldwide to share at least one piece of Brand-related content with their friends and family every month” is a very SMART Branding strategy: it’s specific, measurable, attainable and time-bound.

6) Showcase Your Products in all Marketing Materials

Doing this can increase Brand Awareness simply by giving more exposure to your products! Make sure that images or videos of your product are featured in any marketing materials (website banners, social media cover images, Brand Advocates’ promotional materials, etc.). Brand Awareness is basically your Brand’s popularity, and the more exposure people get to your Brand through photos or videos of your product in action the greater Brand Awareness you’ll achieve.

7) Emphasize Your Brand Values

Doing this can increase Brand Awareness by showing people what you believe in and why! Your Brand Values should be evident throughout all of your marketing materials (website “About Us” pages included). Furthermore, they should reflect who your target audience is and how you want to help them live their best life possible. If you’re a clothing company that offers protective gear for extreme sports enthusiasts, then it’s important that Brand Advocates know that part of what makes you stand out from the competition is an emphasis on safety and injury prevention.

Doing these can increase Brand Awareness by giving people a reason to talk about your brand and helps you to increase your sales online!


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