How to Make A Good Website?

No matter if you are a freelance photographer, have a hardware shop, or have any other kind of small business, one good website is very important for the success of your company. As the webmaster who worked in building and marketing more than 100 business sites, I actually know what it really takes to make good & engaging websites. Suppose you want to build a new startup site or make the current website effective, then here are some key steps for getting started as well as helping your business website to compete efficiently in an online marketplace.

Get the good domain name

The domain name, known as the website address, is an entry point of your website. It’s very important that this makes a good impression for usability purposes, and for search engine optimization.

Purchase safe and scalable site hosting with very good tech support

The website host (at times referred to as the web hosting provider) is the company that provides the technology & services essential for the website to get viewed online. You connect the domain name with your web hosting provider so whenever any users visit the website address, they will be shown your site that you are storing on the web hosting account. Hosting services will cost between $2 – $100+ monthly, depending on the type of technology & support that you select. You may generally get the discount if you buy one yearly plan when opposed to the monthly plan.

Manage to focus users’ attention

Since websites offer both dynamic and static content, certain aspects of the user interface will attract more attention than others do. The images are very eye-catching than text —as sentences marked in bold are a bit more attractive than the plain text. The human eye is a non-linear device, so web-users will instantly recognize the edges, patterns, or motions. For this reason, video-based ads are very distracting and annoying, however, from a marketing perspective they do this job of capturing the users’ attention.

Focusing your users’ attention on the specific areas of your website with the moderate use of the visual elements will help the visitors to start from one point to another without thinking about how it has to be done. Less question marks the visitors have, better orientation sense they have & more trust they will develop towards a company the website represents. Thus, less thinking has to happen behind these scenes, better is the user experience that is the aim of usability in the first place.

Strive for the feature exposure

The modern website designs are generally criticized because of their approach to guide users with visually appealing one-two-three steps, big buttons with visual effects, and more. However, from the website design Tauranga perspective, all these elements are not the bad thing at all. On the contrary, these guidelines are very effective since they lead visitors through website content in a simple & user-friendly means. Letting your user see clearly what features are accessible is the fundamental principle of a successful interface design. It does not actually matter how it is achieved. What really matters is that content is nicely understood & visitors feel highly comfortable with the way they are interacting with this system.

Using effective writing

As Web is very different from the print, it is essential to adjust the writing style to the users’ preferences as well as browsing habits. Promotional writing will not be read. The long text blocks with no images or keywords marked in italics or bold can be skipped. The exaggerated language can be ignored when you hire professional web design Christchurch to take care of it.


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