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It’s no secret that SEO plays a huge role in getting businesses found online. However, it is not only about driving traffic to your website and making sales. SEO ensures that you and your business appear in search engine results at the top of the page where most people tend to click on when searching for products or services like yours.

SEO also allows you to get more mileage out of keywords by associating them with each other in an SEO strategy called tags (meta-tags, meta descriptions, etc.).

Here are some examples:

• A person searches “organic food delivery” on Yahoo, Google suggests “natural food delivery” as the related keyword because the two keywords go together frequently throughout Yahoo users’ search sessions.

• A person searches “online travel booking” on Yahoo, Google suggests “cheap flight booking” as the related keyword because they are often searched together in Yahoo sessions. ( Many SEO companies like SEO Indonesia Company also offer search engine optimization SEO to make your SEO strategy effective and to get better place in all major search engines )

What SEO Can Do For Your Business

SEO allows you to connect with potential customers by presenting them with information about your products and services and how they can benefit from using them (by researching certain keywords). When customers see that their questions have been answered, they will be more likely to do business with you instead of going somewhere else. Here are some ways that can help increase traffic flow to your site:

1. SEO gets you in front of potential customers when they are looking for businesses like yours SEO opens up a direct line to your targeted audience just when they’re thinking about using the products or services you offer. You can appear at the top of search engine results so people can find you easily, which makes it easier for them to take action and utilize your services.

2. SEO can help boost traffic by keeping visitors on your site. It allows users to continue exploring your website after finding an interesting article instead of jumping off to another website like some sort of link bait (which will make you lose opportunities to follow-up with these users). It increases time spent on site and reduces bounce rates, encouraging others who see this tagged keyword to click on it too.

3. SEO makes the most out of existing keywords, it allows you to associate various keywords to your website so search engines will be able to find you when users input all sorts of searches related to your products and services (e.g. “organic food delivery”, “online travel booking” or “cheap flights”). SEO tags are necessary for this purpose because they allow you to connect with different audiences who have a variety of needs. How SEO Can Help Your Business, there is no limit as to how people from around the world can find you just by using a computer or smartphone that’s connected online! The only requirement is that your business should appear at the top of the SEO results when users search for keywords that describe what you do and how much it could benefit them. It is a cost-effective way to help boost your business’ online presence, increase traffic flow and conversions (i.e. leads and sales).


Benefits of SEO: SEO helps make your website more Search engine friendly, it helps build reputation. It can help in conversions SEO increases time spent on site Search engines naturally like optimized websites because they contain all elements required by web crawlers to understand them easily; this means that search engines will be able to index the site faster and update its rankings in real time. As a result, improved ranks will lead to increased visitors in turn leading to greater visibility online if the traffic is converted into leads (e.g. subscribers, customers). SEO presents you with an opportunity to “socialize” with everyone online and is cost effective, helps build your brand, it can boost sales, increases the ROI of your business. SEO helps in branding it saves time and can help in conversions.

Things You Should Know About SEO: SEO is not dead Internet users are gradually shifting from desktop computers to mobile devices (as opposed to using smartphones) 70% of adult internet users conduct researches on search engines most popular searches are location-based Current SEO trends

1. SEO isn’t dead Contrary to what some believe, SEO has never died and never will! Users continue searching for businesses that offer the products or services they want through key words that describe these things. It is in fact the opposite of dead and it continues to grow stronger each and every day in terms of attracting visitors; it will be around forever, but your business will not if you stop focusing on SEO improvements.

2. Internet users are moving from desktops to mobile devices Not only are internet users shifting from desktop computers to mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), they’re also doing more researches online than ever before. Today’s consumers would rather look for businesses via their smartphones because this is easier than opening a laptop or desktop computer just so they can start searching for companies that offer the products or services they need. As a result, SEO has become important when it comes to boosting traffic flow for both traditional online companies and mobile-based companies who want to increase their conversion rates.

3. SEO is becoming location-based SEO is not just about having a website anymore since most online searches are being conducted based on where the user is currently located. If you’re looking for information related to restaurants, chances are good that you’re doing so while you’re actually sitting inside one! For this reason SEO is important because it allows businesses to attract local customers through improved rankings when people search for specific keywords or phrases that are related to products or services they offer in their locality.

4. SEO has become more complex with changes to Google’s algorithm Nowadays SEO has become an art since there are so many factors involved which affect how not only businesses but also their competitors rank online. It’s important to remember that SEO isn’t something you do once for instant gratification; it’s something you have to constantly work on throughout the year because although changes made today can improve your rankings right away.

SEO will allow your business to achieve results that are on par or better than spending money on other forms of marketing like Facebook ads or Google Adwords. SEO helps build brand value SEO includes branding in the overall user experience.


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