How Much Does a Website Design Cost and Why are Prices so Differed

You are right, website design costs will vary considerably. For this reason, it is really tough to answer this question: how much does the site cost? We will not dodge this question though –you will find the real figures in the blog that can give you a better understanding of costs that are involved. Compare question on how much the website costs to question on how much the watch costs in Auckland.

After all, how will you compare the Casio digital watch, which costs below $20 with the Breitling watch, which costs thousands? They both are watches, however, they are far from the same thing.

Web Design Cost

An average cost of the web design will be $1,000 to $10,000+ for the custom site built by the professional web design company. But, certain things that can affect cost include functionality you want and the services that you want from a designer. The designer’s skills, as well as experience, impact the cost you pay. With most of the things in your life, not all the designers will work to the same standards and with the best quality of workmanship demanding premium.

What Do You Get From Your Money Spent?

There’re some primary elements of the web design, all influence its cost. It is what you may expect from the web design agency in Auckland for its fee:

  • Website design that includes UX –This area of the process involves layout designing of a website. It generally means customizing the current template and creating a customized choice. UX is very important and it involves looking at user flow, navigation, as well as ease of use for ensuring that user experience will be very good if possible.
  • Server setup –Configuration of the website’s server, implementing CDN, installing SSL certificate, and setting email on a domain, installing the CMS, and lots more.
  • Ongoing maintenance –The website is not completely finished since it needs ongoing maintenance & updating. It can be included in a price that you pay for a website for a fixed time frame. You will require the maintenance contract when the time expires.
  • Content creation –The website requires images and text. Your website designer can coordinate the part of the process and can offer copywriting & graphic design solutions.
  • Adding functionality & custom code –It is where the web designer works on the website’s engine by adding functionality that you want. It will be anything from the web forms to the shopping carts as well as checkouts and integrations with the existing systems.

Things That Increase Cost of the Website

There are some additional things you might need that can increase the cost of the website. So, here are a few examples:

  • Content writing
  • Additional pages
  • Blog setup
  • Newsletter integration
  • Photo galleries

You are looking at $3,000 for the website with the above features.

What is included in the website cost?

The client has to very carefully peruse details of every package as what they provide or what is included in a website cost that will be published. It will be good if you can work out beforehand what is included in the website cost or what all are not before you begin with the design. There’re cases where the clients believe something was a part of the website designing procedure but then the web designer does not specify this in a beginning & later while you want this desperately you have to bear some additional expenses for getting this done. Thus, avoid such a hassle in the beginning stage itself.


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