CRO is a term that is often confused with SEO, as for almost they are similar, but in reality, they are not. CRO experts exclusively focus on increasing the conversion rates, on the other hand, SEO experts focus on increasing traffic which in return leads to more sales. But when you meet SEO experts did, they ever talk about conversion rates or we can say that the return on investment? Before knowing who promotes more ROI and how? Let us know what CRO and SEO are?


CRO stands for Conversion Rate Optimization. It is a process of optimizing the site or the landing page experience based on website visitor actions to improve the possibility of visitors taking desired steps that are transformed on the landing page. As you know, online traffic keeps on changing.

On the flip side, SEO symbolizes Search Engine Optimization. It is a practice of improving the quantity and quality of traffic on the website through different search engine results. It is a marketing technique which should be used to top the list of search results on search engine like Google.

After knowing what CRO and SEO are? Let us discuss how they differ from each other?


  • SEO has the purpose to direct traffic to your websites, while CRO has the purpose to increase the possibility of conversions.
  • SEO optimizes the website for accurate search queries while CRO optimizes the behavioral path of the visitors.
  • SEO will give you traffic, while CRO will turn traffic into conversions.

To run your business in the long-drawn, you should take both CRO and SEO. It is one of the most efficient ways to increase leads and converting them into successful customers.


You need SEO to extend traffic, improve your brand, and enhance your website reach, but where does it fit concerning the investment capital? Measuring the Return on Investment is a challenge as you can measure the organic traffic, but how you can measure the efficiency of traffic?

Well, it’s challenging, but we can measure ROI from SEO if campaign tracking is proper. But it would be easier to measure Return on Investment through CRO because we can easily calculate the efficient customers.

So, let’s take an example to see what happens when we invest $6000 in SEO Vs. $6000 in CRO.

Website: XYZ

Yearly Online Earnings: $100000

Mean Conversion Rates: 1.4%

Marketing to Earning Ratio: 5:1

So, we can say that investment in SEO boosts overall revenues to $130000 for website XYZ.

Now, what happens when the same money invested in CRO?

Assuming there a realistic 40 percent increase in the conversion rates, CRO will boost the gross revenue by $40,000.

We can conclude that CRO gives more profit or we can high Return on Investment.


Increased Sales keep dropping up the Return on Investment

Stop investing in SEO for 15 days and, we will observe that your traffic will start decreasing and gradually sales will start reducing and, within 45 days, you have to reinvest in SEO.

On the flip side, if you stop investing in CRO then, this will not be identified as what takes place in the case of SEO. Because CRO permanently improves your copyright, your web design, and your programming problems. We can naturally say that it upgrades the foundation of the website. Except there are various changes that happen in the business line and disturbs it. Your one-time investment will give you more and more potential that will increase ROI.

For example, the mean conversion rate expands by 45%. And, if we will stop investing then, it drops down to 25%, but the initial investment will still give some ROI in return.

In SEO, if your target keyword drops down from the top ten then, it drastically affects the sales. But this is not in the case of CRO will generate ROI for a long way by a single investment.

No Marketing Cost to swallow up profits

In the case of SEO, you should keep on investing to support your business leads. To grow, you have to invest more and more to increase traffic and increase your business leads because that’s so inconsistent. More investment will increase your marketing budget. We can naturally say that every new move will increase the SEO budget that will eat your profits.

On the other side of the coin, CRO services don’t require any further marketing investment and, it will not consume your profit. If there is any problem you face in the conversion rates, then the experts will analyze the traffic and will provide the solution to increasing existing visitors. So, we can say that CRO comes with zero additional investment and, it generates more profit. And if this profit has invested in the bottom line, then the auxiliary sales will increase ROI.

CRO makes upcoming SEO investment more profitable

The purpose is not to bash SEO services, but our motive is to make you aware of how an accurate investment in an online business can grant you more profit. And if you think if you invest in CRO and futile to invest in SEO, then your business will work, then you are wrong. As SEO services increase more traffic, then only CRO services convert traffic into potential buyers. That’s it is rightly being said that CRO makes future SEO more profitable.


The ROI from Conversion rate optimization is higher as compared to Search Engine Optimization.  By not increasing the marketing cost, then also, CRO will give profit, but the SEO will not be able to give as it needs consistent investment. And the calculation of ROI is more challenging than SEO as it doesn’t calculate efficient traffic. But again, SEO is vital to any online business initially, invest in CRO and then opt for any new SEO campaigns.


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