In today’s business world, it is critical to maintain a solid flow of leads in order to stay in business. Generating these leads will be the main challenge for businesses working towards 2022.

There are several ways you can generate new leads and expand your reach online:

1) Content Marketing

Content marketing is a great way to build a sustainable source of referral traffic from search engines. Generate fresh content regularly and publish it on different channels including your blog, social media profiles, newsletters or e-books. It will eventually result in more people reaching out to you online for additional information about your products or services.

2) Social Media

People love social media! In fact, 76% of users turn to Facebook when they’re thinking about a purchase. Make sure you create accounts on popular social media sites and post content that is relevant to your business. Add links to product posts, answer people’s questions and share updates from time to time.

3) Email Marketing

The email marketing strategy involves sending messages directly to people who have opted-in to receive messages from you or your brand. The idea behind this tactic is for marketers to make it as easy as possible for customers/prospects to sign up for newsletters and other offers through their websites. It makes sense too… Why would anyone spend hours researching the right product when they could simply subscribe with their email addresses?


4) PPC (Pay-per-click) Advertising

PPC ads are yet another great way to generate leads. By advertising your offers on search engines, you can get more visitors coming through your site or blog. You can choose between Google AdWords and Bing Ads by Microsoft depending on what your budget is for this strategy.

5) Social media Ads

Social media ads are just like PPC ads but they’re typically displayed in social media websites such as Facebook. They work well when done right because people are naturally inclined to click the ad if it’s showcased prominently in their newsfeeds or timelines. Generating leads with these ads will depend largely on the type of ads you create so make sure they stand out while being relevant at the same time!

6) Lead Generating Websites/Apps

There are plenty of lead generating websites that let you create landing pages for free. Generating leads through these sites is easy… Just make sure your pages are relevant to the messages you’re trying to send out and they’ll convert without any issues.

7) Email Signature

Email signature is a great marketing tool that can be used by almost anyone in their day-to-day activities. Include descriptions of your products or services, links to online stores, social media profiles, contact information etc. This will not only help prospects reach out to you on their own but it will also get them more familiarized with your brand which ultimately results in conversions!

8) Generate Leads on Mobile Devices

If people are spending most of their time on mobile devices whether at home or work, make sure you design your landing pages to be compatible with these devices. Generating leads on mobile devices is easier than ever before because even if webpages aren’t optimized for them, they can still click on links that are relevant to them and go to the site anyway.

9) Generate Leads through Email Marketing

Email marketing has become much more sophisticated over the years. It’s now possible to send bulk emails directly from Gmail take advantage of this opportunity by generating leads using newsletters or promotional offers sent via email. The more targeted and personalized your posts/messages are the better!

10) Generate Leads with Podcasts

Podcasts can be a great way to generate leads… But only if you put in the effort to make them that way. Generating leads from podcasts is relatively simple as long as you have a strong call-to-action within your episodes. Make sure you tell people exactly what they need to do next and how it benefits them.

11) Generate Leads by Courses/Webinars

Offer your expertise on a particular topic or issue via online courses or webinars. Whatever the case may be, just remember that generating leads using this tactic hinges on the quality of the information you’re sharing with people so make sure it’s always up to date and factual at all times!

12) Generate Leads through Content Syndication

Content syndication means licensing out our content to other companies in exchange for a fee or commission. They’ll include your content in their newsletters or blog posts which will attract traffic to your site organically. Generating leads with this tactic can be difficult because people don’t always want to give away their contact information just so they could receive updates from you!

13) Generate Leads via Google My Business

Google My Business is a very powerful marketing tool because it’s free to use and allows you to list your business information along with reviews, ratings etc. Generating leads via this platform is pretty straightforward… Just make sure the information you provide on your profile is accurate and always up-to-date!

14) Generate Leads through Video Ads

Video ads are one of the most engaging forms of content around. Video ads allow you to reach out to more prospects by providing them with the information they need without having them to read through countless articles or blog posts. Generating leads through video ads is simple so long as you have the right software and enough budget to scale it up!

15) Generate Leads using Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has become very popular over the years thanks to companies like Instagram. Generating leads using this tactic is pretty easy… All you need is an influencer who already has a huge following on social media, company’s products/services which are relevant to their followers and email outreach template for cold pitching. The rest of the work will be done by your influencers!

You have to identify and research your ideal customers, market your business, reach out to prospects, qualify and nurture them—all of this before you actually convert them and make the sale.


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