10 Most Important Questions to Ask a Website Developer

Revamping the website is one big undertaking and will feel like an overwhelming task if you have not gone through this process earlier. With one simple search, you will find many companies that will claim that they design and develop websites that can drive more traffic and generate high leads, however. How will you verify they do? Whether the business wants you to build the new website from scratch or redesign the current website, the website design company you choose can play an essential role in its success. For this reason, it is very that you ask the prospective agencies the right questions during the selection procedure.  

How much experience are you having? 

Although it is not necessarily a bad thing if the designer you are speaking to has been creating the websites for one or two years, the industry experience will be valuable. Search for web design services that have many years of experience.

What type of websites have you designed?

Many web design experiences will be precious. The designers who worked on almost everything from the eCommerce websites to the microsites cannot work on your website design. 

Can you show some of your websites you designed?

The reputable web designer and company might be thrilled to share the portfolio of their past designs and also offer testimonials from their customers who have received the methods. You get any resistance here, and it is the right time you look for some other web designer.

Do you custom make websites or use any pre-made templates?

Many times, the website design firms offer both the options to meet their client’s needs. Some businesses would like to establish a strong brand, and they want a unique look and functionality the website designed from scratch provides. Some companies aren’t much reliant on the internet presence and save money with the template that can be customizable. 

What are the strategies you use for generating revenue on my site?

The company you choose to design the website must be concerned about generating your site’s revenue like you are. Thus, they must list the proven strategies, which they generally incorporate in the website design. The results-oriented strategies must be with the goals, like the prominent placement of the business phone number, appealing slideshow on the home page, which reinforces the business, any featured products and sales prominently coming on each page of a website, and CTA that are positioned for grabbing visitors’ attention.

Can you review the current website & analyze performance before you make the design decisions?

Suppose you have any current website, and not all web pages might need a redesign, mainly if they’re hitting on high-performance marks. You can know if the website design company plans to analyze the current site’s metrics and evaluate strengths & weaknesses before implementing other design changes.

How much time will be devoted to analyzing business, market & competitors?

Planning out the website is essential in ensuring success. It needs to research the industry & perform the fundamental market analysis before planning its overall functionality, elements, content structure, delivery, or other components.

How long can it take my website to design?

There isn’t any right answer to the question, but you may know what you would like to hear. Suppose you are on the time crunch & web designer’s solution “six months,” you must look for the web design companies with higher resources that will better accommodate the needs.

Will you also create my site logo?

Most website designers will create the logo for business as a part of the initial project quote and for an additional fee. 

How closely can you work with the company?

Listen very closely to answer such questions for the web design agency. The designer you select is somebody you would like to communicate with the team like they were a part of it instead of somebody outside looking in. 



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