10 Beginner Tips For Blogging SEO

With an ever-changing algorithm, SEO is tricky. However, not impossible! It does not need to be very time-consuming and super technical, providing you are doing basics for every post you write with SEO company help.

Target Right Keywords

Keyword research is an essential aspect of SEO. It must be the first thing you must look into when planning to learn how you must start the blog. It lays down the foundation of the optimization as well as you must not get this wrong. So, you will help Google understand what the content is about by targeting the right keywords. 

Focus On the Low Difficulty Keywords

The keyword difficulty is one crucial metric you have to keep your eye on when selecting the keyword for blog articles. When choosing the keywords, the general rule is finding ones that have got decent traffic volume and low competition.

Develop & use an editorial calendar.

When you have concrete topics, which you feel perfect about, you can put this on the schedule. It is a step that you must not at all bypass! You will come to rely on how helpful organizing the blogging process will be. 

Write about the topics people are looking for

Around 51% of website traffic generally comes from an organic search. That means: for a blog to do well, you have to write about the topics that people are looking out for. Unluckily, when such tools are best for the ideas, most do not show keyword metrics such as monthly search volume. 

Tackle competitors’ best-performing keywords topics

Wouldn’t this be fantastic if you can see which competitors’ articles get the most traffic, and you can also try to replicate the success? Right from here, it is simple to check out which keywords they are trying hard to rank by looking at the URL & headline.

Build blog components on the current website.

Keep the blog on the same domain as the website, however, as it’s a separate section in case you have some other pages like the About, Services, Contact, and more. Suppose your blog is the main reason you have the website, then you would showcase this as the main feature. Make use of the reliable blogging network if you hire an SEO company.

Install Google Analytics for measuring the results.

You would like to know who will be visiting your website, when, how, and from where, right? After that, it all has to get tracked! To know which blog posts will bring in most of the traffic can be highly invaluable data to target the best content topics, audience, and keywords. Google Analytics allows you to set up the conversion goals, which can measure how often the visitors complete the specific tasks (for example, in case you provide opt-in for e-book or newsletter sign up).

Find out the right keyword or phrase for the blog post.

After you come up with the mega list of the topics, know which keyword or phrase is quite useful to use as the common thread throughout every piece of the content. It can help the post to index as well as earn the search engine ranking. Also, you may do it with the Google Keyword Planner (in Tools). Research on the multiple combinations based on your topic and review related options that they provide.

Know User-Intent and Get Better Results

Suppose you want to increase the number of traffic & visitors you get on your blog posts & pages; you have to understand user intent. 

Adding Internal Links

The importance of adding the internal links is under-estimated by the bloggers with the help of the SEO agency benefits.



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