SEO Trends That You Cannot Ignore in the year 2020

As the new businesses come up daily, competition for the reader’s attention grows. Staying on the top of the latest SEO trends can enable you to meet some specific requirements that the search engines make use of to rank their websites. Whereas fundamental principle stays the same — SEO is all about making the websites simple to find as well as understand —tactics involved are quite different than it was some years before Thus, what are some important SEO trends of 2020 as well as how will you implement it in a right way? Here is what you must know for the year 2020, and key steps to implement the trends & tactics.

Google makes many changes to the search algorithms each year. Whereas most of the changes are quite minor, they can affect the search ranking. And these are some SEO trends that I would like to see even in 2020.

  1. Voice search 

There were around 33 million of voice search queries in the year 2017. Data from March 2019 shows that around 20% of the mobile queries are the voice searches. Since voice search becomes more and more popular, people can type search queries in the same way that they speak. You need to notice that majority of the search queries are the long-tail & specific? Users actually want the accurate answer to their exact question that they have asked.

  1. Featured snippets can continue to dominate the search results

The featured snippet is a summary of the answer to the search query. And Google displays this at a top of SERP result, and above paid & organic ads. They are around for some years now and have also led to significant changes in Google’s search engine page. Around half of the searches result within no clicks as users get answers, they want directly from the SERPs. Actually, hiring SEO Agency will prove very helpful and will help you get more traffic than the first search result.

  1. Semantic Search & Intent Optimization

Google moved far away from the exact-matching keyword search optimization years before, still our industry is slow in keeping up. Nowadays, Google does not make use of the actual string of the words, which are getting typed in the search box. But it looks at query context & analyzes possible search intent for delivering the exact results.

  1. People may want digital experiences

Around 44% of the companies have now moved to the digital-first approach for improving the customer experience. While around 56% of the CEOs said improvements led to the growth in their revenue. The page load speed will be an important ranking factor for you. Good content does not mean anything if your page does not load fast or you have the complex user interface. The successful businesses know that building long-term relations with the customer’s hinges on the customer experience, or customer experience affects the search ranking as just users who have a good experience can spend time onto your website and this will be explained well by the SEO company.

  1. Structured Data

The year has been really huge for the semantic data, and with Google updating the initial guidelines as well as adding up support for the new kinds of structured data, which includes fact-check, FAQ Page, and much more. It’s quite clear that Google is quite interested in extracting huge data from the pages as well as giving the publishers good exposure in exchange. The good news is it gives SEOs the competitive benefit over the website owners that fail in keeping up with Google’s moves.



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