Difference Between a Business Website and a Lead Generation Website

Optimizing your site for generating leads is a no-brainer. However, unfortunately, it is not very simple as throwing the “Click Here” mouse button on the home page or watching your leads to pour in. But, designers and marketers have to take the strategic approach. In today’s post, we are going over a few fast ways that work to optimize the website for the lead generation and taking the help of website design. The basic website will be void of CTA (for each stage of the buying cycle)

It is simple to sniff out.

You just have to click around the website and search for the buttons that say:

  • Free Consultation
  • Contact Us
  • Free Demo
  • Request Information
  • Watch Video
  • Download Guide or Cheat Sheet or Worksheet
  • Receive Blog Digest
  • Sign up for the Free Webinar

Missing Call To Action, at each stage of your buying cycle, decreases the website’s capability of motivating as well as encouraging the action. The basic websites do not grasp psychology to implement multiple CTA. The basic website just provides the email address for the method of contact

  • They decrease spam
  • Get saved and avoid email catastrophe
  • Collect more specific information from the lead
  • Give thank-you page
  • Need no email program
  • Polished
  • Good to track

Add forms to pages that will get the most traffic

It is very important to benchmark the current state of the lead generation prior to you start so that you will track down the success as well as determine areas where you want improvement. There are some pages that may make good lead generators as well as you do not even know it. To begin, it is important to conduct an audit of where your traffic as well as outreach comes from online—the lead generators from web design. So, here are a few common places that business will get the visitors:

  • Social Media: Traffic may come from the users who will engage in the campaign through your media profiles.
  • Email Marketing: The traffic will come from the users who will click through your site from your emails.
  • Blog Posts: The traffic will come from the highest-performing posts.
  • Live Chat: The traffic will come in the form of the users who reach to the customer service team by live chat window over your site.

When you identify where the leads are actually coming from, you will have to ensure that pages that they are landing on will do everything they will to nurture the visitor’s interest.

Optimize every step of the lead generation process

Suppose your visitor ever searched for “lawn care tips” or ended up on the blog post that you have published called, “Top 10 Ways Improve the Lawn Care Regimen,” you would better not link this blog post to the offer for snow-clearing consultation. Ensure that your offers will be related to the page that they are on so you will capitalize on the visitors’ interest in the particular subject. Suppose you wish to run A/B test on the landing web page, make sure you test three important pieces of the lead gen process:


Make use of contrasting colors from the site. Keep this simple — and try out a tool like Canva for creating images free.

Landing Pages

As per the survey, companies with around 30+ landing web pages on the website generated over 7X more leads compared to companies with one to five landing pages.

Thank-You Pages

Many times, it is landing pages, which get all love in the lead generation process. However, the thank-you web page, where visitors led once they submit the form on a landing page & convert in the lead, must not be overlooked.


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