6 Tips When Choosing Images for Your New Website

Images & photos have been an important part of visual communication, thus ensuring your website makes the most out of these images you choose is very important. For this reason, around 51 percent of the B2B marketers prioritize creating visual assets as a part of the content strategy. Images that you use on the website may either add or detract from the goals, and nothing in between. Thus, if you want to boost the conversions as well as improve credibility, the image selection must be taken very seriously. Here we provide you 7 tips that can help you to select the images that can boost the conversion rates with the help of web design Wellington.

Use Emotional Images Many people make their decisions with emotions, as well as back things up with logic. Stay mindful of emotions that you want to evoke when you are selecting the images. Suppose your business mainly deals with lawyers, you obviously will not be using any kind of images of the relaxed couple on the beach. You want the images to align with your reader as well as support the things that you are saying.

Never Think About Yourself

When you are trying to find an ideal image, it is simple to end up selecting something that YOU like & call it day. However, that will lead you down the wrong path. When you are choosing the image, you have to leave yourself totally out of the equation.

Know Your Reader

Have the target reader in your mind when you are selecting an image. You need to ask yourself:

  • Will the image help your reader to understand the content?
  • Will the image further your message and be a distraction?
  • Do you like the image, or does it add value?

Look Out for Quality

Large and perfect high-resolution images work best. It is the design concept, which determines the size of an image, however, its size has to be sufficient for this to make a strong impact. These images look very impressive and display the professional approach towards Web design in Wellington.

Brand Relevance

The images should be relevant to your brand identity. Suppose the brand’s selling best and premium furniture, images should exude extremely classy furniture nature. Visitors are in doubt as to the brand’s purpose, mainly because of the images. They will do talking about their brand.


The actionable images are generally call-to-action or CTA images, the type that persuades the visitor to take action. So, what will you ensure is your images play a tangible role in your website and do not improve the visual quotient. The brands in the food industry, such as Burger King, do these images best. Just tell me you do not want to place the order for ‘bacon cheeseburger deluxe’ while looking at the image.

Taking help of a web development company

A good development company will give you the right tools that will help you to add the updated content, add new pages, as well as articles, or make some minor updates. For the new features, you will likely have to rely on the technology partner. Most of the website development companies offer a certain level of on-going support, however, it is always a good idea that you find out what level and turnaround time, or which members of staff can be doing this kind of work. All these become simple if you have some type of help that will help you in your attempts to choose the best website. Only professionals can help you in the best possible way.



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